Our professional team can offer:

- Development and implementation of a design and project solution according to your needs, for organization of a modern canteen (kitchen, warehouse and dining room) with specification of required equipment for its freely operation.
- Production of a complete elaborate with product norms and necessary biological sustaining values
In addition, in order to build long term cooperation and a partnership relation, we are ready to invest in fully equipping the equipment in the kitchen.

The importance of nutrition at the workplace

Industry Service particularly focuses to the quality, composition and nutrition of the meal, as well as the constant control of utilization of Good Hygienic and Good Manufacturing Practice. Modern food planning and nutrition for staff in the industrial plants takes into account the intensity of work, the conditions of the work environment and energy needs.
Sufficient and regular nutrition of the person is an important factor for his health, as well as for maintaining their working and psychophysical ability.
The nutrition and the needs of the organism must be in mutual balance - the energy value of the food must be in accordance with the needs of the organism. Insufficient or irregular nutrition can lead to a disorder that reduces the ability for physical and technical effort, as well as long-term physical and mental strain. The consequences of these disorders usually occur with reduced communication and attention, drowsiness and prolonged response time, which contribute to greater trauma and increased percentage of errors in the production process.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), adequate nutrition can increase worker productivity up to 20%.
In addition to the higher productivity, the concept of organized nutrition, on the one hand, affects the reduction of absences from work and sick leave, and on the other hand contributes to increasing the personal satisfaction and well-being of the workers.
Organized nutrition of the stuff of your company by Industry Service will contribute to the successful and productive performance of the work tasks from the worker because its food needs are met.
Having us as your partner, you can fully focus on your production.